fashion meaning

 Assalamualaikum WBT.

Fashion means so much to me than pretty clothes, flattering high heels and looking glamorous.
It's in my blood, my history and my future. 
Fashion is not a just a way for me to adorn myself but also to express my identity, values and beliefs

When i wear one of Mum,s dresses collection, I am showing my admiration for a woman and mother who is kind, compassionate, intelligent and hard working.

It's like a rush of memories come to fill me up with emotions every time I pick up a piece of clothing, jewellery or fashion accessory. To me the value of the things I own don't lie in the actual cost of the items but in the memories and feelings I associate them with.

Personal tip: Buy accessories that are neutral in colour - brown, black, white, silver. These colours can match a variety of outfits and you will save time in the morning when deciding what to wear.

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