God please with me, with us and please with them

Assalamualaikum wbt...
It's almost two months since i left my country. Happiness and trouble come and go. It is not my first time i left home. I did since i graduate from high school. Studying abroad is not an easy choice. OMG!
Easy?? I know no one has the same life story, some luckyness and some paradigm and maybe some ideology 

I see sky, yesterday was so shiny but today's so rainy. rain in my heart. then i see myself. one hour i was so happy, but now im crying.
Im crying not because im weak. I cry because i want.. haha. sometimes, i dont know what am i crying for, it just ... fall like the raindrops today. i dont know what is this post for. of maybe... no one read, no one cares, no one understand.

are you missing home ? of course i do, and i always do ... you know? when i saw rain, i remember how was the situation in my house when the rain drops, i remember when i put buckets outside my house in Terengganu to hold the rain because at that moments, the water circulation was not work, that's funny to remember, and if my family read this post, they would remember it too or maybe laugh ! i miss you. then when the raindrops

when i saw kid palying around,  i remember my childhood and it could make may tears fall suddenly. i remember how i laughed with my family. aaaahhhh everything i see everything i hear , that's all remind me to my life before.

when i saw plane ... i wished i could sleep there, and when i open my eyes, i see... home.
oh my, no! no no no ! i have to keep spirit ! my mum said "let it flow..." magic words.

Lalalalala, penat cerita tapi korang faham ke apa yang saya bebelkan.. up and down and shake shake -__- . tetap semangat aidaa ! boleh sedih, tapi jangan larut dalam kesedihan, lagi pun semua kesedihan Allah yanag tetapkan sebab dia tahu kita mampu hadapi , let it flow.. let if flow.. let it flow...'Bumi tidak pernah berhenti berputar, jadi mengapa kita harus berhenti berjalan ? berjalanlah , berjalanlah sejauh yang kau bisa. namun jangan riasu kerana bumi akan selalu bulat, maka kamu pasti akan kembali..."

Anyway, this is my very fav song, im sure you guys know this song. Home by Michael Bunle. I always cry when i hear and sing this songThis song remaind me my family, let me go home, im just too far, from where you are, i wanna come home

i miss you ma..
i miss you pa..
i miss you sister..
i miss you brother 
more than you can imagine, but dont worry...

im okay
and i always be okay
for you all

i hope...
and i alway hope...
that you're more okay...
for me..
i beg

i Love you, Always

I hope one day, i have more time to be happay always :)



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