Life is never easy...right?

Assalamualaikum wbt....

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14022012? Valentime? i didn't celebrate valentine. For me, better to go to "SALE" than go buy chocolates. and Shoes as Surprise from boyf is more romantic than dozen of roses and chocolate palace.huahua!

Fuuuh. back to Terengganu again. Bytheway i am so happy, meet my mom, dad, lovely sister and my  lil brother, i stay here only for 1 week then i gotta back to perantauan...huhhh :((

  I already miss my family so so so bad. So many thing i've done, but i told you nothing in this blog, i mean i posted nothing. Seriously i was really happy went i at home because i miss my family sooo and tooo much!.
We talked much,, went shopping together, ate together, we did anything together, but now im alone again here...again and again...oh no i want to cry right now...i miss you :'(
Hope you are were here, i want to hold you one by one right now! oh my tears fall down....sob sob...
i miss u :''( 

I made a quote whwn i was seeing the sky this afternoon. Tinggal di perantauan lagi. Kata orang hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri but im still love my hometown tooo much.
" Bumi tidak pernah berhenti berputar, jadi kenapa kita musti berhenti berjalan? berjalanlah sejauh yang boleh dan jangan risau kerana bumi akan selalu bulat, jadi kamu akan kembali.
So goodbye terengganu and hoollaaa my new place, new room, welcome my new life!
wish me luck, please pray for me.
Jangan bersedih, selagi bumi itu bulat kamu akan kembali! :))
Life's never easy right ?
and sometimes it doesn't run in the same line as we are expecting. but don't give up!
saya sangat mengalukan sokongan pembaca blog saya untuk vote like saya dalam next top model round 3 untuk butik mama....klik sini  untuk tanda sokongan anda.

thank you! keep to love me :)


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