Nerd glasses

Assalamualaikum wbt....
Let's forget about bold-colored-contact lenses now

Forget about having bigger eyes that simultaneously transform you into a barbie doll or kawaii style babe. Fashion alert now. The Nerd is the new cool. It first started in 1950s and it is now becoming the mainstream and everyone starting to pay more attention to it. 
Nerd look is definitely easy to achieve. Get yourself a pair of plastic frame preferably in black. The thicker the sexier, no? Yes or no? haha.... yes right??

And below are the Hollywood girls who successfully turn nerdy into sexy.

 Alright, I have been wearing contact lenses for years now.
I guess I am giving them a break and start rocking my own selection of nerd glasses.
Personally, I think the stigma associating glasses with nerd is now a long gone story; history.
They are becoming more acceptable. Let's look around now; people can now be seen wearing thick-rimmed and black-plastic-nerdy-glasses. Like everywhere!

And to those who are used to be teased for being a nerd-slow-blur-looking-kid long ago; rise up now. That glasses are the hippest glasses of them all.
tetiba teringat kat sorang doc * anaest Dr.Fahmi....hahaha gelak besar tengok muka dia dengan bigger glasses


Don't forget to keep hydrated and wear sunblock while you're outting.It's hot today!


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