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Assalamualaikum wbt....
I know many new people since i have this blog, and many people know me after reading this blog. I'm happy and so grateful for that. It's a beautiful chance when you can inspire many people with your own way. But, sometimes it's really hard to be in this position. cause when everybody's watching you, should you always be perfect? should every single things of yours are perfect ? it teaches me many things. everybody should grow maturer, right ? and im in my process. everybody's in process of being maturer, no matter how old they are. i am only human, and i am still a teenager, i am not a celebrity that have to provide clarification and run from the crowd. im loving myself, and everysingle things in me, good or bad, this is me. and im loving people who loves me :) 
so friend, no matter you are short or tall, fat or skinny, white or dark skin, loving "make up " or not. you are you. what's more beautiful than being ourselves ? 

Life's never easy right ? and sometimes it doesn't run in the same line as we are expecting. but don't give up !
more lovers, more haters. but don't worry... that's life ! :)


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