my best frenz wedding part 1

Assalamualaikum wbt..
Dear readers sorry for not updating my blog for a long time. Maybe you guys ask what happen? and wanting something new in this blog...but you know?
life is unpredictable. Problem come and go, we never know what and when or why.
btw that was most difficult in my life story. seriusly.
i give thanks to Allah. Allhamdullilah....finally i can pass this problem as best as i can. i really requires high patients. fuhhh Allahdullilah.....thank you Allah, my family,  ma , pa, lil brother and my lovelly sister. thank you for all my friends who help me, supporting me and pray for me. i can't write your name one by one. But i really thank you for all you gave.
After this super complicated problem, i still have to plan for the next step. The show is still going...i stay have to focus and please pray for me for every step of mine, oh tis is seriously not easy.

Btw last weekend.
 saya jadi pengapit untuk wedding my best frend....woww she look like ekin no.2...seriusly.
jom tengok kerja mengedik kami...:D


Happy for both of you, my dear.


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