Something delinghtful from secret recipe

Assalamualaikum wbt..
nothing much to share but i bet most of you might wonder.
i always love secret recipe as for me
 do you?
so this is something special and delightful for you

SC want to capture your best moments enjoying our buy 3 free 1.
post your pix at our fb and you may win!
snap pictures of you and your buddies, friend or family dining at SC 3 free 1 promotin. 
Remember to put a fun caption to you picture
the top 3 best picture will be determind by SC based on:
* creativity 
*best in showcasing you at buy 3 free 1 promotion
and you will stand a chance a win.
The fb contest is now opened till 25 march 2012.

1st prizes  RM300 SC dining vouncer
 2nd  prizes  RM200 SC dining vouncer
 3rd  prizes  RM100 SC dining vouncer

good luck!


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