always in my mind part 2

Sambungan dari entry pertama

 Gadis-gadis kesayangan Hamba :)

 Mira comel :)

nice view :)

 Senyuman masa tengah solo. sekarang dah bersuami. :)

Thinking and smile :)

We all :) dengan budak banyak cakap :)

 Smile sokmo :)

  Banyak camera so sorang pandang atas, sorang pandang bawah

 I love Candid :)

 Laugh  > - <

 Kanak-kanak ribena


 CCTV over there. so please be your self

i LOVE this one

Take passport photo without smile

My life seems more colorful. All I know is I need a break and I'm lucky to be able to have some time off to do the things I enjoy. It's also really nice to be back with my friends.


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