Hijabista Turban style

Assalamualaikum wbt...
i'm a wearing hijab girl and i do proud of it. :) How about you all?? actually i wear hijab since i was in primary school, because my school was a kind of islamic school, so wearing hijab was a must.
Alhamdullilah i still wear it till now.
sometimes, i love to standing in fron of the mirror for a long time just to wear my hijab.
 yes just to wear my hijab.
 Niqab, sigar, burga , yasmak or tudung semuanya untuk menjaga tertib,biar santun, manis dan sopan si hawa terserlah dan yang paling penting untuk menjaga aib dan aurat. because people do judge on what you wear. :)

Where do i get some of my  inspirations?
i dont know....teheeee :)
but i guess mirror give me many inspirations...hehe
yup! i mean i love to standing in fron of the mirror for a long time just to wear my hijab and tadaaa i made it....yes i made it in many different style.
that's why something i forgot how did i make it....hurmmm :(
if you searching for hijab tutorial video *turban style. maybe these might help you to give some inspiration

just a pretty feeling in my heart now. :D

i didn't use any pin when i trying turban style and the most important is very easy.
So happy trying and good luck... :)


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