Relaxing weekend :)

Assalamualaikum wbt...
Hope everyone doing well :)
  Just a few snippets from my perfectly relaxing weekend  > " " <

Loving it already
i just started reading novel cinta kontrak by Nurul Ain syuhada and i am loving it already! Thanks to those who recommended it to me. I think after i finish it i am going to get another new one  
> " " < 

Becoming a practicing Muslim?
" When you feel the need back to God, this is the clearest sign that God has already turned to you" Alhamdullilah. Now I'm going to read the surah! I like most reading than listening but the things are great! I feel so calm. sometime, bring me back to the right path. it's never too late to change. May Allah swt give us hidayah, lead us to the straight path whenever we go astray, keep us strong in our faith and keeps us all in the right track, now and forever. Insha Allah :) What's your favourite surah lately? 

Study and study...hurmmmm > _ <
picture while i was doing some studying at the library on Saturday morning. Tapi belum sampai tengahari dah give up so tutup buku and becoming sleepy beauty dengan berspek besar kat situ. > " " <

 Hola new bedroom
Currently being very busy with other commitment so yesterday i decide to cleaning up my room. Finally i can save all all my stuff tidyly. More comfortable now. Sooo happy. Happy happy happy sorry i can't stop to saying happy...

Fall in Love with it!
my new makeup tools in my beauty kit. Means i always bring this things in my bag wherever i go for daily activities hehe..Not kind of a fancy makeup tools, what matters for me is the (reasonable) price and the function hehe.

These ring are so me!  I love how they're simple, and I adore the oblong-shaped stones and not to mention the beautiful white colour as well. 

 New lens from Stylo Mylo 
and new novel also. Manisnya Cinta by Anis ayuni 


 Excited!  > " " <

Nice right? taken this pict waktu magrib. Kebetulan tengah nak close the window, nampak je view cantik ni i terus snap. > " " <

Another blessed weekend. Alhamdullilah. life has been quite hectic for me.studies, Working, personal.. everything. i thank to Allah for giving me strength to handle all this. I hope He will always be by my side. It feels like my weekend disappeared in the blink of an eye! It was a good one though. How is your weekend going? I hope wherever you are that you're having the best weather and the most relaxing time.


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