Welcome march 2013

Assalamualaikum wbt

Alhamdullilah & thank you Allah. Let start our 1st march with Bismillah. Insyallah, March will be more blessed & Barokah. Ameen.

the Wolf is BACK for the weekend

The World's BIGGEST Book Fire Sale has BEGUN! I, the Wolf, have prepared a wide selection of books for ALL readers. Everything must go, and prices are even LOWER than before! So SHARE this picture with EVERYONE and spread the news, citizens

 fashion and lifestyle bazaar

The Labels Bazaar (March 2013 Edition) - The Labels is hosting 
their first The Labels Bazaar for the year 2013
2 - 3 March 2013 
10.00am to 7.00pm 

RASTA, Jalan Datuk Sulaiman , Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur

Among the 50 vendors participating are:
-Norish Karman (NK Label)
-Ila Damiaa Mentor 4 (Pheetrastore)
-KL Fashion Geek
-The Labels

Charity Organisation: 
The Labels Bazaar is collaborating with a NGO “Let’s Put a Smile on Their Faces” 
to raise fund for Gaza where they will be selling merchandise to raise fund.
On top of that The Labels Bazaar will be having a “Charity Photobooth”
where the bazaar goers can take a snapshot and donate to the Gaza fund

Qaisara's Collection by Badariah Alias

LET'S GRAB this new tudung with handmade flower brooch. :)

Tudung disertakan dengan brooch handmade yang cantik
Kualiti kain: chiffon
Color:boleh request *mana nak dapat
size: M ( saiz boleh request )
Awning: kain lycra
Price:sangat mampu dibeli. ( harga borong pon ada)
pm or directly contact 0129605145 (untuk respon yang yang lebih cepat)


anaestesia night

yesterday dah settle satu event dengan nuffnang dan semalam memmng hari super penat. Today pulak ada dinner dengan team kerja PPUM. So please wish me luck plez! plezz!. Tema bollywood. urmmm susah susah nak decide nak pakai apa. tapi kalau nak tahu apa yang saya akan pakai nanti tunggu saya update blog for next entry boleh??

sorry for kucar kacir update untuk hari ni...hahaha!!! tak ada masa sangat dengan blog sekarang tapi at least cari jugak masa untuk update. terima kasih sebab sudi baca

I know life's never easy, but I believe that positive thinking makes it easier. Life's never be life if there was no happy or sad, hard or easy, tears or smiles, stand or fall, up or down, friends or enemies...


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  2. wow such a nice event. I wish I was there. New to your blog. Follow each other