Astro On The Go Live Explorer 2013

Hello Readers,
Last saturday was a happening day, not only to me i reckon, to many bloggers as there was a live explorer held at Lower Ground (Old Wing) Main Concourse, sunway pyramid, Petaling Jaya, selangor. From my title and my first picture you must already know what was event right? yes!! it was Astro On The Go Live Explorer 2013.

By Courtesy of Nuffnang, I've got invited to the Astro-On-The-Go Live Explorer event. Thanks Nuffnang♡  Many bloggers invited to this event, i was so surprised to meet so many amazing and famous bloggers on the day. 

As you know, Astro-On-The-Go is a Latest innovative service that meets your truly digital lifestyle choice by bringing to life a non stop entertainment experience across multiple devices anytime, anywhere. It provides you to access to a wide range of programmers that you can enjoy on devices such as your PCs, laptop,tablet and smartphone.

I was super excited and nervous the day before. I was worried that I might be alone. I'm those kind people that will be so worried and shy at the first meet but if the other side is so friendly and willing to talk with me, I will become so enthusiasm LOL. I seriously was so so so worried!!!!! -_____-

But once I reached Sunway Pyramid and have a little talk with the bloggers I met, I felt a lot better and I was really shocked because these bloggers aren't just friendly. Thanks God!

See the stage damn glamour right! 
At 9.30am kaunter pendaftaran dah penuh dengan blogger. Then, after registation, 50 bloggers are arranged into a team of two will be competing against each other to complete each quests given upon reaching their assigned stations. We had to figure out the clues to the next booth and answer question.

Meet my teammates for the explorer race, Bobo. Since Nuffnang selected our team mates so that was first time meeting him. We ready for some action today!

If you've been following my IG, Twetter account anf Fb page. You may realized that on sunday i was posting picture more than i usually do. But why?  Because We were given Ipad so that, we could FB, TWEET and IG almost every station we can across. Solving puzzle and running around trying to find the Astro booth littened around sunway pyramid.

At on of the station. * berlagak macam pro player football. This is my favourite and the best part during the event. HAHAHA! because we were assinggned to kick the ball three times. grrrrhhhhhh! For Bobo, this might be a super easy-breezy job. But for a girl like me? -______- . But never mind, i had to try so many times while Bobo immediately pass after one trial only. OMG! Although it was a hard but somehow this was really challenging and makes me want to do even better! Finally, in less than five trials I managed to pass! so 

After the exhauting game, truly wonderful & thrilling experience. I mean how often do you blazing across the mall up & down the floors hunting for answers, stood up for challenges by roman gladiators, Elvis and much more, all the participants went to have our lunch at Delicious! Finally i can fill my empty tummy with delicious food. om nom nom

Its me and blogger Nadira Ismail

After lunch show finally started. 

while waiting for the prize-giving ceremony, we watched the stage performances. So sad for to those of you who didn't attend

Laugh out loud with Raja Lawak Contestants skit performancen. And there were so many celebrities I saw during this event; Aaron Aziz, Johan Raja Lawak, Jinnyboy, Oh My English Cast. omg!

 Lakon balik drama Jodoh lakonan scha alyahya dan dazrin.

 From left Bobo, Nadira and anne

With famous blogger, Abang nara

And speciall thanks to Amiruddin Nawawi. Biarpun tak menang game tapi dia bagi i buku pink yang kiteorang pegang tu. :)

A big Congratulation to all the winners! and Thank you so much to Nuffnang for inviting me to participate in Astro's Explorer-On-The-Go event!

So glad that I'm been invited and become a part of them! Thanks Nuffnang! ♡   

 my foresee utilizing Astro On-The-Go in the future.
  I think my life will become easy and complete. i can watch my favorite tv programmes at anywhere and anytime because Astro-on-the-go is available to download in any platform. How lovely?? From  unmissable LIVE sport and global events, blockbuster movies and all-time favourite dramas. Astro provide whole suite of services: Up to 21 Astro TV channels, 9 Astro Radio channels, LIVE events, Video-On-Demand and Catch UP TV. It's good news to me because i like programme Masterchef and now i can watch the show with my smartphone during my free time. om nom nom! Tq Astro.  And i am sure suatu hari nanti semua orang yang menggunakan smartphone akan menggunakan aplikasi Astro-on-The-Go sepertimana fenomena yang berlaku sekarang, hampir semua rumah di malaysia melanggan Astro sebagai satu keperluan. Jika televisyen memerlukan Astro, maka smartphone akan memerlukan Astro-On-The-Go.

For more information of Astro-On-The-Go , you may visit:
Take Astro with you, wherever you go!



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  1. Woww bets nye dpt join ade hal rtu mmg xble tuka plan dh..hehe xmng pn dh ckup happy eh..hahaha blogger mmg gtuh! XD

  2. Hi Aida!!! So glad can meet u another time at Acer event, and very apologise cant recognise u at first.....but u are really really very sweet lar! Next time sure i know who u are d!!! Hope to see u in this event :)