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its been long time not posting in here. I think its a lovely day and i want to share you something.. :) Glad to mention that, My entry (previous entry) are selected as one of 10 lucky winner from close to 100 entry! and i'm cordially invited to the Exclusive Laneige K-Beauty Blogger Makeup Workshop on:

Date: 8th June 2013 (Saturday)
Time: 2:30PM -5:00PM 

As i mention my readers before, the top 10 winners with the most creative posts will stand a chance to join the workshop conducted by the Laneige trainer where tips and secrets to recreate K-Beauty will be revealed! Congratulations to the all winners! and i'm glad to mention here that the another 9 lucky winners of this contest are:-  

Yup..yes..yes.. i am the ONLY and ONE malay, muslim, wearing hijab girl in the list lucky Laneige Beautiful Blogger Challenge . To be honest, i feel so excited and lucky. I love attending beauty event, make-up workshop,new product lunching, because i love trying new skin care to find the right one that suit me and then share with my readers. But actually this is what a bloggers always does, right? another reasons is we can get to try out all the new product and having session with other beauty bloggers. Thank you to Nuffnang and Laneige for the invites. 

 I think every girl out there want to achive perfect skin. I am definately one of them! since a lot of people asking me about my beauty secret. So today i want to share another entry about beauty. 

I must admit that in terms of make-up I am not the genious, but I know my make-up routine very well and I try to perfect it every single day by using better products or trying to make improvements in the way I put my make-up on, weather it's in the quantity I use or in the gestures I make to apply it. So it's really about the details. For a long time, I've been buying drug store cosmetics thinking that it didn't make a difference with luxury products and blaming the price tag. With time I learned to appreciate quality over quantity. I have a little selection of my absolute favourite products, that are not only good for my skin but also a pleasure to apply every morning. Here are some of them.

 Door gift by Laneige. Thank you again! :)

To start off, wash your face and your hand. then apply toner as usual. Look at my skin free make-up.My biggest problem is dry skin, dark circle and terrible eye bags. so sad...sob..sob ;(

The first step, Apply White Plus Renew Skin Refiner. After cleansing , take proper amount onto a cotton pad. Lightly wipe along the skin texture in the order of cheeks, forehead, nose, lip area and neck from the inside to outside but remember to avoid eye area.

White Plus Renew Complex allow brightened effect with 3 step melanin protection. Amino-acid peeling ingredients removed makeup residues, impurities, and dead cells, delivering the instantaneous effect of improving skin discoloration. It also serves as a booster to enchance the effects of the whitening ingrediants for the next skin care steps. Then the Swiss White Lupine ingredient prevent moisture loss on the skin epidermis, keeping your skin hydrated and transparent.

After using skin Refiner, Second step, is applying Laneige Whiten Plus Renew Emulsion. Take an appropriate amount and lightly apply it in the order of cheek, forehead,nose, lip area, and neck from the inside to outside.

Laneige WhitenPlus Renew Emulsion with 3 step melanin protection form a moisture protection barrier, keeping the skin brighter and more transparent. Non-sticky, fresh texture,  calm skin and watermelon extract replenishes moisture to weary skin.

Third step?? apply Laneige White Plus Renew Essence, Especially for the morning and evening skin care. at the essence, pump two times and lightly apply it in the order of cheeks,forehead, nose,lip area, and neck. Lightly press the palms down onto the face for the better absorption.


3 step melanin blocking effect with Laneige White Plus Renew Essence makes your skin look brightened, transparently luminous and replenished with moisture. Whitening essence that rapidly absorbs into skin, leaving the sensation of smoothness with the snow-melting cool and fresh application feeling. It delivers the sleeks skin texture and evenly smooth skin tone. Grapefruit peel extracts give more clarified look with the inner skin purifying effect. and marshmallow extracts deliver skin nutrition and recovers skin flexibility effect.

Next step? before proceed to the next step, maybe you also can apply Eye serum, and daily protection cream. Then, Apply Snow BB Soothing Cushion with SPF 50 (recommended by editors and makeup artists across Asia)  i choose no.31 (brown beige)


Snow BB Soothing Cushion. So apply onto puff and smooth along the texture of skin. Then, pat to increase adherence. Apply another layer to improve coverage.


Why everyone is rating about it?
Sweat-proof - helps ensure your makeup stays unspoilt and beautiful throughout the day.
Whitening - with strong melanin reduction ingredients for increase skin luminosity
Hydration- Unique hydration technology form a Hydro-mineral suspension, providing 30% more moisture to your skin with each application
Makeup- provides long -lasting coverage againt blemishes and dry eye circle
SPF 50 PA+++ - ACTS AS A SUNSCREEN WITH spf 50 pa ++ to protect skin from the sun's damaging UV rays.


Laneige snow BB soothing Cushion...more info? please click here

Next? Apply Water Supreme Finishing Pack SPF 25 PA++. I choose NO.01 . Apply an appropriate amount on puff and spread in the following order; cheeks, forehead, nose, chin. For smaller areas, such as eyes, lip and nostrils, fold puff in half and gently and carefully press with the remaining amount of powder.

at the back

Number and color :
01.  Light Beige
02. Natural  Beige
03. True Beige

A clear finishing pact that applies smoothly and every for moisture-enriched skin.
Stable Attachment:  natural color does not alter the tone of your foundation, while enhanging your natural complexion.
Non-dry finishing: 3D Hdyratechnology forms a protective layer to retain the suppleness of moisturizing foundation and leaves the skin smooth and clear without dryness.
Bright and clear Skin : Water Luminous Powder, a type of mineral powder that mimics the reflection of light on the surface of water, embraces the skin with the clean and clear radiantce of water.

Draw your eyebrow. Slightly thick and natural looking. Eyebrow that match the colour of hair. Korean girl use eyebron to accentuate their face and make them look smaller.

Now, put on your eyeshadow for day look. Apply the eye base (eye shadow primer) on the eyelids to keep your eye shadow in place for longer hours followed by the eye shadow.

Apply the lightest colour (beige) from the 3 multi-colours Styling Romantic Eye Palette. Sweep the colour across your eyelid until your brow bone. Once completed, apply the medium colour (light brown) but this time across your lid only followed by the darkest colour (dark brown) on the crease.

Highlight your brow using the lightest colour from the eye palette. Line the upper and lower lid of the eyes and extend it to the inner and outer corner of the eyes then connect the lines. Remember to line in between your upper and lower lashes.

Apply a little bit more of your cream blush on the tops on your cheekbones.


Then apply the mascara on your upper and lower eyelashes. This will enhance the eyes.and maybe you also can apply fake eyelashes on it to make your lashes look bigger. 

Volume setting Mascara from Laneige


Apply Lipstick. Lipstick want to know tips for your lips? click here

Pure Glossy Lipstick from Laneige ( LR107 Delicious pink)

Done for Korean day look make up. and now how to transform from day look to night look without starting over. ??

Because it’s night time, you want to stand out and let loose after a long day. Replace that delicate matte single tone eye shadow with a shimmery one; apply the highlighter right at the brow bone. To enhance your eye look, you can use the same gold and silver shimmer in the inner corners of the eyes. You can use a heavy eye shadow like black or a bright colour on the lid to create a more dramatic look. You should apply a darker shade on the crease to blend it well with a contour brush. You can then add some extra eye liner to further define your eyes. Choose strong colors but ensure the eye shadow and lipstick colors don’t conflict.


For a sultry nighttime look, use a darker shade of your daytime eye shadow to enhance your eyes. Add some to the creases above your eyes, then use the same shade around the outside corners and under your bottom lashes. Apply eyeliner to your top lash, and use liquid eyeliner if you want to add a little more to the look. Avoid adding more mascara, since adding new mascara on top of old usually results in clumps.

Make-up Night look. After applying basic Step

Tips of the day? 

Refresh you make-up. Many of us are less willing to throw away our make-up that's be nesting at the bottom of the make-up bag for years. Yes! cosmetic are expensive, and while we readily throw away the food that's past its by the date, many of use hang onto make-up for many years. Often sharing it and applying it in ways that can make us vulnerable to infection. Throwing away half-used product may hurt, but detoxing your make-up bag is the  perfect excuse to discover some new favorites.

If you see this label (12M) on the packaging its means this product can only use for 12month. So what you can do is LABEL THEM.


see... mark date on your make-up tools

So girl, here is a guide to recommended shelf-life. Keep the lids on tighty and store away from heat.
1. Mascara ; 3-6 month
2. Concealer, Cleanser, Cream or liquid foundation, Moisturizer ; 6-8 month
3. Blush, eyeshadow, Lip gloss, Lipstick, loose powder, toner : 1 year
4. eye and lip pencil ; 18 month

Throwback Last saturday 

Awesome product from Laneige on my table. OMG! cant wait to start.

My look...after we were told to remove all our make-up before the workshop started...yup lack of confident with pale face.

 During workshop


 our make-up guru, Celebrity Make-up Artist, Gerealdine Loy,

From left, Celebrity Make-up Artist, Gerealdine Loy, me with final look night make-up and Amorepacific Staff. More confident after applying make-up with the right skill. so next session is camwhore time with beautiful Bloggers.

with famous and pretty bloggers BoboStephanie

Beautiful Blogger Iiwen

Beautiful Blogger Chency

Beautiful Blogger Jenice Yeap

Beautiful Blogger Fish

 OMG! final look after 8 hours.

All the 10 K-Beauty looks will then enter the Laneige Beautiful Blogger Challenge, where a Grand Winner will be crowned through public voting. So this blog post will be featured on the Laniege site where people can vote for their favorite look. wish me luck girl! hehe

The microsite will host 10 contestant from each country (total of 4 countries). At the end of the  competition, 4 out of the 40 Lucky Beautiful Blogger from 4 countries will win the ambassador contract with Laneige. Each country will pick their own Laneige Online Ambassasor for their own country.

All about makeup, i've always been quite fascinated by make-up product. I feel like a good make-up adds a special touch to any outfit and createst a perfect harmony. wheather its playing with a bold brow, a nude lip, a smokey eye or a bright orange lip gloss. I fell like make-up brings so much personality to a look, and to me, putting make-up in the morning is just like dressing up. its a great to pamper, get a little creative and learn how to hide your little flaw and accentuate what''s most beauty and special about you. So its kind of a learning process all the time! 

p/s: Please vote for me to be crowned as the grand winner toward the end of the contest. Detail for the voting procedures will be shared on my facebook, Instagram and tweeter  soon once they have released the news.

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