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Salam & hello everyone!
selepas 2 entry kat atas ( part 1 and part 2) and now, if you still remember, i had my skin analysis and my results weren't as well expected. I was disappointed with the results and repeatedly questioned my own skincare routine. What the heck i was doing wrong??? grrrrrrrr!!!

Full Result :

1. Hydration

Ideal range > 59

Average zone T = 55.5
Average zone U = 44.0

Result : 49.6 Dehydrated skin 

2. Sebum 

Ideal range ?

Result = 48.5 =normal skin

3. Elasticity

Ideal range >38

Result = 45 =normal elasticity

4. PH

Ideal range = 4.1 - 5.8

Result = 6.7 *wow 

5. Keratin

Result = low keratin level

6. Diameter of pores

Result = very open pores ( average diameter 110um) *OMG

Summary from skin consultation:

The sebum forms a uniform prolective film not too abundant on the skin. Despite this, the pores are an average dilated.

Skin hydration is low but, but given a high sebum level there are no keratin flakes evident choose a delicate cleanser for normal or dry skin ( without aggressive cleansing agent, enriched with soothing spa-water)

Stimulate the skin with a non alcoholic toner containing rich plant extracts acting as an emollient and moisturizing eg; chamomile and aloe vera.

Twice a week deep cleanse pores with delicate exfoliator (which contains spa-water) and give the skin a smoother appearance for the day. 

Choose a moisturizing cream rich in vitamin and anti-oxidants which active the cell.

Increase the elasticity of the skin always use a cream with a UV filter to prevent dark sport which represent the first sign of ageing in this type of skin.

Particularly for mature skin, at least once a day use a revitalizing serum enriched with regenerating, anti age properties (hyaluronic acid, vitamins, oligo-elements)

Once or twice a week apply a nutritious and moisturizing mask. 

then, i pilih untuk percaya dan cuba product that were recommended to me during the skin consultation. Anyway back to the product yang dicadangkan adalah :

1. Himalaya Herbals purifying Neem Face Wash 150ml *normal to oily skin

2. Nivea pure effect active purifying mask * for pure and matt skin

3. Nivea aqua effect refreshing moisture mask *normal skin

4. Bio-Essence deep cleansing milk *for face and eyes for all skin types

Semua product di atas saya dah pun review dalam Part 2. So then, good night or super early morning to those who are still up. =)


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  1. saya pun pakai himalaya neem macam kat atas tu.
    go for organic! skang, nak tukar try shaklee skincare sebab himalaya neem tu bila pakai berterusan dah macam tak bagi efek dah.