Grand finale party with Maybelline New York

Salam and hello everyone =)

Ok so obviously I can’t sleep, so I’d rather blog. Hehe. I think its a lovely day and i want to share you something.. :) Honestly I don't really like to write that much so. Anyways I was checking my photo gallery and found this.

Attended an awesome Catwalk to sidewalk grand finale party #ROCKETME2NY winner announcement with few bloggers last few weeks. BTW thanks to syafiqah *tukang tag my name to RSVP to this event.

Here's some pictures of the night 

Your truly, Tukang tag my name, Syafiqah. She's sweet and another pretty girl Fatin *but i call her patin. hehe jangan marah yeee. The party was held at Neverland Club in Jalan Kia Peng and it's was my first time  been there. 

Patin  Patin  Patin ngeeee =)

Group photo as usual and photo credit to izzati
From left, me, patin, Sabby, Izzati, Sabrina, Arissa D and NadKassim I'm so glad to meet each other in person and as bloggers.

Group photo some more

Photo-booth with patin

Beautiful Maybelline's ambrassador, Elfira Loy in the house!!

Had a chance to try the brand's various products at the Liner Junkie booth, where mekeup expert created artistic eye make-up designs using Maybelline Hyper Sharp Eyeliner. 


With a chance to visit New York, the home of Maybelline, and attend the much acclaimed Fashion Week as the main Price, thee contestant displayed great skill and passion for the art of makeup as they vied for the top price. As part of the earlier challenges, after performing a D.I.Y makeover on themselves, the finalists posed as in store live mannequins in display windows with clothes courtesy of Nichii. They then took to the streets to look for young trendsetters and interviewed them on their fashion inspirations in the sidewalk challenge.

The event started with the 12 contestant battled it out on the runway by strutting their beat walk again dressed in Nichii while striking poses inspired by the three Maybelline looks, all of which were created with Maybelline's line of Hyper Sharp Eyeliners, Vibrant Colour Tatoo Cream Eyeshadows, Color Sensational Bold Matte Lipsticks, all paired with its latest Rockets Volume Express Mascara.

Winners announcement!!! 

Over 2,500 contestants had participanted in the #Rocketme2NY competition, but only two person made it. Congratulation Wiida and Fifi. Winners will be fly to New York for New York Fashion Week 2014.  Please don't forget us when you all are there girls. 

Tadaaaaa!! Lovely door gift from Maybelline.

Love love love My new found fav mascara, Rocket Volume Express from Maybelline. My lashes rocketed to new lengths, volume and best of all clump free.

Outfit of the day;
Bawal scaft from Desa Murni Terengganu
Cardigan and strip top from ig online boutique
Accessories from Times Square 
stud bag also from ig online store
Palazzo *forgot when and where i bought it..lalala

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Modbox, the cheapest Beauty Box in Malaysia

Salam and hello beautiful people

Today i 'm gonna share with all of you about I'm sure you hear about this because they offer the cheapest and the best price for beauty box in Malaysia.  Beauty Box is a good deal for people who always like to try new product and or do not wish to waste money.

Beauty Box has been a trend that there are so many choice in the market nowadays. In order to stand out from others, many of them have put a lot of effort promotion, packaging and offers the best product from the best brand to full-fill people's needs.

There are so many beauty Box in Malaysia right?  but the best recommend and the cheapest price in Malaysia is Modbox. Don't believe me?? Modbox is only Rm9 *excluding dfelivery postage. The most important is Modbox has no commitment or montly plan, so you just have to buy one and get to choose the product your self . Isn't it super worthy??

The packaging is actually decent to the price. It doesn't have fancy design, but they keep it simple and environment friendly.

For only Rm9.....Yes onlyyyyyy Rm9 you get to choose 3 product and normally the last item is an optional add-on other product which also involved in adding price for your beauty Box. ok!!! lets see what's inside the beauty Box from Modbox for october. *excited

#1. Murad Resurgency Hydration Toner *180ml/RM128

Reydration skin with the best selling toner from Murad taht balance and neutralises surface impurities. Rooted in Murad's propietary system for optimizing cell hydration and skin health, this toner will help to restore skin's suppleness to its former glory. Apply over cleansed face before moisturing for a refreshing treat to your skin.

#2. Moisturing Shampoo with Cream Foam *50ml@RM11.90 / 200ml@RM22.90 / 500ml@RM44.90

Rescue dry and damaged hair with this all-natural, SLS-free moisturizing shampoo!  with its propriety CreamFoam technology, it wraps every strand of hair with a lotion for softness you can feel after just one rinse! Shake well, add a few drops of water to shampoo in your hand before lathering it up onto hair, and enjoy softer, healthier tresses!

#3. 2-in-1 Mineral Foundation & Powder *8g/RM48

Like second skin to face, this 100% mineral powder gives you excellent coverage and a dewy finish that looks so natural and smooth, your jaw wil drop. After moisturising, gently dab the powder onto your face with a spooge, layering more powder on areas that need extra coverage. Take care, as a powder is ultra--fine, and a little goes a long way. No liquid foundation is needed. Now, enjoy that gorgeous finish! taraaaa

Here is welcome note and product description list that tied up together. I get to know the product easly by reading the card only *feeling macam baca note before masuk exam hahaha. One thing i like bout this because besides the sample product, they also putting a lot of effort by providing include the voucher or discount together in this note that we can use the voucher and discount to received a lot of those individual cast voucher or discount brochure for next order at modbox.

Eager to get one?? Head over to dear website and get your Beauty Box now!!

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Pump-Pump Bouncy Skin!

Salam & Hello everyone!

I love attending beauty event, one of the reason is i can get more info and another thing i can get to  try out all the new product. So glad to be invited to be among the first in Malaysia to discover and experience "pump-pump bouncy skin".  It was great opportunity to know more of their new product launch. Thank you to watson and Olay for the invitation to their media preview launch party. 

Date: 29th october 213, tuesday
Time: 10:00am
Venue: Luna Bar, Pacific Regency Hotel *opposite to KL Tower 

Tell me who doesn't know Olay? one of the world's largest skin care has launched its Olay AquAction. This is such a great news to those who wants sustainable as it eliminates any side effect  to the skin and to provides skin with nutriens, deeply moisturizes skin and give skin long lasting hydration. Olay is one of my favourite skin care products so, how could i missed the chance to join the media preview launch party??

My companion of the day, Gina Ling

Welcoming with the blue environment 

Everything is in blue and white just like new product olay

These are new range product launch in white and blue color

Once we entered, there were all new Olay Aquaction product showing and all product are in blue. Which probably made me thick about water and aqua.

The launch started off with introduction of the new product launching and simple experiment using Silver Ear Mushroom to describe and evidence the true secret lagendary beauty of Yang Gifei, was know as one of the four beauties of ancient China.   Inspired by the legendary beauty of Yang Guifei,  Olay AquAction had its beginning in Japan where Hydralock Technology was inverted. 

Get 24 hour hydration for 'pump-pump bouncy skin' with hydralock technology absorbs water from the air. Silver ear mushroom has been tasted to outperform Hyaluronic acid, ingredient that was to be gold standart of hydration, on water-holding capability. Hydration skin equal to happy skin! There is nothing worse than feeling parched especially during the hot weather i Malaysia. With proper care and hydration, it will help to prevent eye bags and the appearance of wrinkles!

During demonstration session, they show us on how is a Simple basic steps in skin care using new olay AquAction * Deep hydration dew, Intensive naurishing emulsion, Long lasting Hydration gel, Naurishing hydration mask and sotning hydration mask. 

Followed with Aquatic show by atlet gymnast Malaysia. Sooo cool!!

With emcee 

*opsss tudung senget  =)

Thank you Olay, now i 've got chance to try on their new product personally

Met beautiful Jian Quin and friendly Jess Lee on that day.

I wish to try on their sleeping mask

Crazy about photobooth!! i want more because i love to play and pose with all prop.

Lovely door gift. Aww! Thanks Olay and i shall do a review of it soon.

Choosing a right product is very important, as a bad skin care product will affect your skin condition, indirectly can cause bad emotion too. Who wish to go out with bad skin condition right? but to have a good skin not easy task, you have to take care your skin everyday and the most important is choose the right product depend on your skin.

Outfit of the day
Classic cut kebaya in black from  Archadia lifestyle
Clutch from ig online store*forgot euww
Bawal Scaft from Desa Murni,Terengganu

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Official Launch of The Guess LUXE Leather Handbag Collection, The Garden Mall

Assalamualaikum wbt and Hello everyone!

If you follow my instagram you probably know that i was invited to celebrate the official launch of the new GUESS LUXE Leadher Handbags. All Thanks to The Butterfly Project Malaysia-Beauty Bloggers especially our mamasan Tammy for the lovely invitation.

Bollywood icon, Priyanka Chopra, a former Miss World, actor and recording artist, recently become the first Indian Woman to over land a Guess Campaign.

Guess was going to launch most recent collection which is the Fall/winter 2013 and pre-spring 2014 Collection called Guess Luxe. Guess Luxe presents a range of exclusive leather handbags that comes in a fusion of design which are classic, high-quality leather pieces in Europe design and refined details, will complement the wardrobe of a contemporary,  urban-chic woman collection, se3eking accessories that complement her style and personality and touch of romanticism.

During registration. The theme of the day is white and the shop was specially furnished with fake wall to white.

ok, lets start this, are you ready guess lover?? i am so excited to share some look and inspiration with all my readers especially for those who are fashion lover. These were some of the bags on display.

Fall/winter 2013 Collection

PRIMEROSE in amethyst

PRIMROSEpretty satchel in quilted rectangular, a simple understated elegend for evening wear, made of quilted nappa leather and shiny gold hardware

PRIMROSE in Black. Available in mini and medium size for handbags.

MY G'S in coffee

MY G'S - The classic GUESS monogram is used to deboss on leather, a classic that's absolutely wearable for work. Made of 4G printed calf leather and pale shiny gold hardware.

Left : Box Satchel Bag. Available in black and coffee
Right : Doctor Bag. Available in black and coffee.

TIMELESS - Mira holding Box Satchel Bag in grey and at di belakang is Shopper Bag in grey *available in grey and taupe

TIMELESS - a must have for every girl. A style that embraces the simplicity of a carry-all. Made of drummed cow leather and pale shinny gold hardware.

PATTY - Shopper Bag. Available in black and Leopard

PATTY - A classic tote for ever day use. Comprises of luxurious casual safari print and croco embossed texture. Made of printed safiano leather and croco embossed leather.

File clutch in black and leopard

OMG!!! drolling saliva. I love all of this. Huuuuwarghhhhh

Pre- Spring 2014 Collection

Besides the latest fall/winter collection, Guess give us an exclusive preview of the Pre-Spring 2014 collection.

Golden Cage - The classic quilted rectangle is must-have for the season. This collection comes with carryall size that suits the need of ladies of all ages. Its finishing with metal triangle turns this understated elegance into a minimal yet luxury carry-wear.

Tilda - tote is an all-time favorite of any jeune fille. Tilda collection features double woven handles, quilted noppa leather and a raised front panel, giving a fresh touch to this stylish handbag collection. 

The opener was a dance by these four sexy dancers carrying The GUESS Luxe Leather. It was a really fun opener.

White sexy corset and new Guess Luxe Leather handbags. 

Busy...busy..busy during had refreshment, they gave us  30 minutes for an instagram contest to upload pose with any Guess Luxe Handbags Collection the most creative pose and the best caption.

photo credit to Tammy!

Congratulation to 3 lucky winners of instagram mini game, Reiko, Sabrina and & Arisa for bagging the Luxurious leather Guess bags. Search #Guessluxe for Checkout the photo on instagram.

 Look how cool the door gift

It's thumb-drive and silk handkchief. Btw thank you so much for the lovely door gift, GUESS team.

Our happy face. 

As usual mini group photo

For more detail, please visit :

There are so many things to update, stay tune!


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