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Hello everyone! i am blogging on my bed before going to sleep like usual. Days have been more hectic and serious lately. But still i have a lil fun :) How about your day? i hope yours gone well and get better each day :)

Environmental pollution, improper care, stress, lack of sleep, dehydration, and aging will slowly affect our skin and silently robs away our skin' natural glow and radiant. As a result, our complexion will become dull, dry, shallow,  and tired looking.

I am addicted to beauty products and skin care and whatever in between that can improve my skin. I have seriously sensitive skin problem so i have hunting up and down for some miracle to could help solve my problem.  But, choosing which the best supplement and skin care can be tricky. hurmmm =(

Have you try product from Kinohimitsu before? Kinohimitsu is the no. 1 selling functional drink in Malaysia & Singapore. It has won so many awards internationally  What is Kinohimitsu means?? "Kino" means plants and "mitsu" means secret in japanese (secret of plants) so all the product of kinohimitsu posses nature-based extract which is vital to self-regulating system.

Kinohimitsu is brand that is synonymous with premium quality. Comprehensive formula and advance extraction technology is use to ensure the natural goodness and efficacy of our functional drink are preserved for the benefit to their costumer. I guess most of you familiar with this brand. =)

Only Kinohimitsu has the most complete range of functional drink which are innovative and effective. With capture the best of nature in a bottle with a complete range of remedies for your detox, health and beauty needs. Perfect for quick boost whatever you need it.

100% Natural and Safe
no additives - no added sugar, preservatives, artificial colorings, flavourings or chemical and no hormones.

Proprietary liquid formula support immediate and high absorption rate.

A functional, instant drink ready for immediate consumption and enjoyment anytime, anywhere

Lots of nutrients in a great taste. Every sip is packed with goodness for health and beauty.

So back to the main topic!   
Good news for all bloggers! The Butterfly Project and Kinohimitsu is holding up another event that is going to be held on 20th November 2013. Only 50 bloggers are going to be selected to have their time to enjoy themselves.

Why i wanna to join party with Kinohimitsu??

I would like to be part of amazing people that share the same passion as i am. From the pass event i've attended, I learned a lot from the founder and organizer. Thanks to The Butterfly Project and our mamasan, Tammy. I made a lot of new friend and from then, i knew i have a long learning journey ahead. Before i join The Butterfly project, i was shy and afraid to approach any bloggers but after joining The Butterfly Community, i felt more open and realized that all butterflies in this community is SUPER friendly

I have been so stress and i need a gateway. My body do not handle stress very well so i want to enjoy my self with all butterflies. So it's time to me get a full relaxation and a little bit of fun to enjoy.

I want to show my support toward The Butterfly Project because they have been super awesome in organizing event, giving us bloggers opportunity to attend and review wonderful events. They are very passionate serious about what they do and i trust their party is going to be super awesome. 

I am one of the super kinohimitsu's lover. Kinohimitsu's complete range of products offers something for everyone, anytime and anywhere! All Kinohimitsu products passes nature-based extracts that is vital to nature's self regulating system. Focusing on detox, Health and Beauty on the principal of holistic approach to improve human well-being, Kinohimitsu offers safe and effective consumption of natural products. Kinohimtsu 

Hope i get to be a part of this fun gathering with 49 other lovely butterflies and if you are a blogger, do join in and take part ok! Check out here for more details on how to get invited to this awesome super duper Lauau Party for this year and also how to submit your entry.

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