Modbox, the cheapest Beauty Box in Malaysia

Salam and hello beautiful people

Today i 'm gonna share with all of you about I'm sure you hear about this because they offer the cheapest and the best price for beauty box in Malaysia.  Beauty Box is a good deal for people who always like to try new product and or do not wish to waste money.

Beauty Box has been a trend that there are so many choice in the market nowadays. In order to stand out from others, many of them have put a lot of effort promotion, packaging and offers the best product from the best brand to full-fill people's needs.

There are so many beauty Box in Malaysia right?  but the best recommend and the cheapest price in Malaysia is Modbox. Don't believe me?? Modbox is only Rm9 *excluding dfelivery postage. The most important is Modbox has no commitment or montly plan, so you just have to buy one and get to choose the product your self . Isn't it super worthy??

The packaging is actually decent to the price. It doesn't have fancy design, but they keep it simple and environment friendly.

For only Rm9.....Yes onlyyyyyy Rm9 you get to choose 3 product and normally the last item is an optional add-on other product which also involved in adding price for your beauty Box. ok!!! lets see what's inside the beauty Box from Modbox for october. *excited

#1. Murad Resurgency Hydration Toner *180ml/RM128

Reydration skin with the best selling toner from Murad taht balance and neutralises surface impurities. Rooted in Murad's propietary system for optimizing cell hydration and skin health, this toner will help to restore skin's suppleness to its former glory. Apply over cleansed face before moisturing for a refreshing treat to your skin.

#2. Moisturing Shampoo with Cream Foam *50ml@RM11.90 / 200ml@RM22.90 / 500ml@RM44.90

Rescue dry and damaged hair with this all-natural, SLS-free moisturizing shampoo!  with its propriety CreamFoam technology, it wraps every strand of hair with a lotion for softness you can feel after just one rinse! Shake well, add a few drops of water to shampoo in your hand before lathering it up onto hair, and enjoy softer, healthier tresses!

#3. 2-in-1 Mineral Foundation & Powder *8g/RM48

Like second skin to face, this 100% mineral powder gives you excellent coverage and a dewy finish that looks so natural and smooth, your jaw wil drop. After moisturising, gently dab the powder onto your face with a spooge, layering more powder on areas that need extra coverage. Take care, as a powder is ultra--fine, and a little goes a long way. No liquid foundation is needed. Now, enjoy that gorgeous finish! taraaaa

Here is welcome note and product description list that tied up together. I get to know the product easly by reading the card only *feeling macam baca note before masuk exam hahaha. One thing i like bout this because besides the sample product, they also putting a lot of effort by providing include the voucher or discount together in this note that we can use the voucher and discount to received a lot of those individual cast voucher or discount brochure for next order at modbox.

Eager to get one?? Head over to dear website and get your Beauty Box now!!


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  1. Tak pernah try modbox lagi, macam best je hihi Anyway, cantiknya you ^_^

    1. mmg best sebab sangat la murah n sekarang ada limited edition untuk christmas box...try la...tq izzah, saje je nak bt i kembang2 hidung2 ahakss

  2. Cantiknya Aida ...
    I'm still waiting for my box to arrive!

    1. tq nad..u pun cantik! dah dua kali jumpa u dekat event, dua2 event jugak u nampak gorgeous tau...segan i nk tegur...hehe dah dapat ur box nanti cepat2 review tau...i dah follow dah ur blog =)