Pump-Pump Bouncy Skin!

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I love attending beauty event, one of the reason is i can get more info and another thing i can get to  try out all the new product. So glad to be invited to be among the first in Malaysia to discover and experience "pump-pump bouncy skin".  It was great opportunity to know more of their new product launch. Thank you to watson and Olay for the invitation to their media preview launch party. 

Date: 29th october 213, tuesday
Time: 10:00am
Venue: Luna Bar, Pacific Regency Hotel *opposite to KL Tower 

Tell me who doesn't know Olay? one of the world's largest skin care has launched its Olay AquAction. This is such a great news to those who wants sustainable as it eliminates any side effect  to the skin and to provides skin with nutriens, deeply moisturizes skin and give skin long lasting hydration. Olay is one of my favourite skin care products so, how could i missed the chance to join the media preview launch party??

My companion of the day, Gina Ling

Welcoming with the blue environment 

Everything is in blue and white just like new product olay

These are new range product launch in white and blue color

Once we entered, there were all new Olay Aquaction product showing and all product are in blue. Which probably made me thick about water and aqua.

The launch started off with introduction of the new product launching and simple experiment using Silver Ear Mushroom to describe and evidence the true secret lagendary beauty of Yang Gifei, was know as one of the four beauties of ancient China.   Inspired by the legendary beauty of Yang Guifei,  Olay AquAction had its beginning in Japan where Hydralock Technology was inverted. 

Get 24 hour hydration for 'pump-pump bouncy skin' with hydralock technology absorbs water from the air. Silver ear mushroom has been tasted to outperform Hyaluronic acid, ingredient that was to be gold standart of hydration, on water-holding capability. Hydration skin equal to happy skin! There is nothing worse than feeling parched especially during the hot weather i Malaysia. With proper care and hydration, it will help to prevent eye bags and the appearance of wrinkles!

During demonstration session, they show us on how is a Simple basic steps in skin care using new olay AquAction * Deep hydration dew, Intensive naurishing emulsion, Long lasting Hydration gel, Naurishing hydration mask and sotning hydration mask. 

Followed with Aquatic show by atlet gymnast Malaysia. Sooo cool!!

With emcee 

*opsss tudung senget  =)

Thank you Olay, now i 've got chance to try on their new product personally

Met beautiful Jian Quin and friendly Jess Lee on that day.

I wish to try on their sleeping mask

Crazy about photobooth!! i want more because i love to play and pose with all prop.

Lovely door gift. Aww! Thanks Olay and i shall do a review of it soon.

Choosing a right product is very important, as a bad skin care product will affect your skin condition, indirectly can cause bad emotion too. Who wish to go out with bad skin condition right? but to have a good skin not easy task, you have to take care your skin everyday and the most important is choose the right product depend on your skin.

Outfit of the day
Classic cut kebaya in black from  Archadia lifestyle
Clutch from ig online store*forgot euww
Bawal Scaft from Desa Murni,Terengganu


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