Christmas potluck party with The Butterfly Project

Hello beauties,

How's 2014 has been treating you? Hope everyone is doing great and may 2014 will bring you success, good health and happiness!

I am almost 1 month late update for this post. hihi!

I have never been to any Christmas party before, so honestly i am sooo excited to participate for the first time in my life. Thank you to The Butterfly Project for awesome party, it was such a fun night. I am so happy to meet up with all the butterflies bloggers. Had a real good time, awesome food and people.

Below are some photo taken during the potluck party =)

The party was held at Sekeping Sin Chew Kee. Located at 3 Jalan Sin Chew Kee, Kuala lumpur. 

Selfie is must! of course, we do have our picture time with each other, sorry i need to spam some photo of all these pretty ladies!

Exchange present session.

Goodies from The Butterfly Project Malaysia

Thank 123cheese for the amazing picture. Please visit their page for more super awesome 

Have a nice day =) xoxo

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The Butterfly English High Tea Party hosted by ServerFreak Malaysia and The Butterfly Project's website launch

Hello all Beauties!

Hola everyone, How are you doing? hope everything's alright :) Yeayy!! first post ever in year 2014 and I would like to wish all of you a Happy New Year. May 2014 brings us joy, happiness, beauty and barakah. God willing =)

Anyway as you can see, I change my blog header and my blog's name to "" so what you think? Do you love my blog new look with new blog's name? I just wanna celebrate the new year with a fresher blog look and make everything look new. Btw, biggest "Hola" to my new followers, welcome and happy reading my story. =)

So back to the topic,
As you can see from tittle and the first picture above, you must already know what was the event, yes!! it was The Butterfly English High Party hosted hosted server Freak Malaysia and The Butterfly Project Malaysia' Website launch. Thank you The Butterfly Project Malaysia for the lovely invitation. BIG hug =)

The party event was held at Show.Case, The perfect venue for high tea party.
Show.Case is a new event venue in town located at Plaza Kelana Jaya. Designed with versatility in mind. Superb lake view can accommodate events ranging from medium scale corporate meeting, product launches,  fundraisers, auctions, fashion shows, wedding, party and more. The seating inside is rather small, so i would say that large parties in general would not be so comfortable here, but could be accommodated in their outdoor area, if it is nice outside.

email :
Contact Number : 010-23128860
Address : 

Before Servefreak started the workshop, Butterflies were asked to enjoy the delicious food prepared by Teaffani. Bila datang tempat best, mesti nak makan pun yang best-best je kan.

All was tasty, sandwich, cakes and pastries to accompany with tea or coffee, onom nom nom nom =) eat, talk, ans sip on some tea.

Innanie and Sabby with their senyum lebar =)

Busy, Busy, Busy update ig, twitter, fb... with caption " i wish i would win the best dress, i wish i am the lucky one today, bla...blaa, bla =)

English inspired cups, dainty and pretty

 So yes! we are enjoyed our first afternoon high tea together

Teaffani Catering and event is the 1st Mobile English High Tea service in Malaysia and if you wish to experience the unlimited  English afternoon tea moment with an elegant, unique and beautiful English setting in the comfort of your selected venue and surrounded by your guests. They are perfect for any functions or any event.They have a great variety of teas and their food is fresh and satisfying. The staff is always very friendly and helpful if you have questions about anythings on their menu.

Email :
Contact Number : 012-207 9256 | 03-7887 6789
Address :
A01-02, Tower A,
Zenith Corporate Park
Jalan 7/26 Kelana Jaya, Selangor

The decor was absolutely adorable and fabulous!

If you are looking for to celebrate an engagement party, birthday, special event or simply inviting friend over for a festival brunch, Ask-Joe can offer the perfect entertaining solution to fits your needs.

esteemed party planner Ask Joe - The sweetest Party
Contact Number : 017-780 6939
Email :
Address : Petaling Jaya, Seolangor

The event was start by nice performance by Edazz.

At the same time, we are celebrating the beloved birthday of The Butterfly Project Malaysia and website launch.

Congratulation for The Butterfly Project Malaysia official website. Honestly, feel so glad  to become one of the community. Thank you and congratulation to The Butterfly Project and Butterfly team. <3 nbsp="">

The Butterfly Project Malaysia 

It is sooo important to have a nice looking blog, right? You've heard the rumors, and they're true. Having a great looking blog is important if you want to attract a big audience. Have you hears of Serve Freak before?? For those who want to blog easily, here is your problem solution.

While we are enjoying the highh tea, Serverfreak was also there to teach the bloggers on how to kick start our blog or website using domain or, server hosting and serverfreak wordpress easy wordpress setup package.

What is Serverfreak?

ServerFreak is a company which  specialized in providing web hosting solution for almost all range of purposes such as personal blog, email solutions, corporate websites, databases and others as well.


* Domain name registation
* Site lock
*Web Development
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* Web dessing
* E-Commerce solutions Serve Management Service
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Important of Domain name?

A domain name is your unique identity on the internet. It is the address of your cyberspace. The domain represents both the web address of your website or blog and the name your site visitors will use to refer to your website.  Having your own domain name lend a professional touch to your blog or Website. Whatever a new visitor reaches your site, chance are they is going to look at your domain name and make a first impression opinion about the site. Your domain name gives they the impression of being a large well established site.

Every domain name has a suffix that indicates which top level domain (TLD) is belongs to. There are only a limited number of such domain. For example:

gov - Government agencies
edu - Educational institutions
org - organizations (nonprofit)
com - commercial business
net - Network Organizations

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How many times have you delay your plan to have a blog simply because you did know how to setup and because you felt learning the technical is just taking up too much time just tu have blog? 

Serverfreak Wordpress easy setup package solves that problem for you! Once you sign up with Servefreak Malaysia, you'll get wordpress template for free fully installed with all the basic widgets needed to get you started. So, all you need to do is just focus on writing your blog, as easy as that.

How and where do i get this package for myself?

SERVERFREAK : 03-3371 2564
Email :
12A, Jalan Teluk Pulai, KS/1
41100 Klang

And again 123Cheese with us to make sure our high tea party become more unique, fun and will be remembered by all the guess. 

Behine the screen and all picture below taken by 123cheese. TQ 123cheese for your good service and all high quality picture.

123Cheese, group of photographers that want to bring fun to everyone one special days such birthday parties, wedding parties, graduation events, costume parties. Letting your family and friend to express their happiness and break the ice in a photo booth. They will help you to costumise your experience by branding your photo and booth with your event theme, logo or slogan. Capture candid, poses moment that never happen in front of a professional photographer.
Email :
Contact Number : 019-3233 868 *Mr.Kim

Camhore with pretty bloggers.

Left, Mieza and right, Syafiqah xoxo

Both ratu baking, left liyana and right, sabrina

After the workshop, there was a lucky draw contest. Congratulations to all the winners and special thank to all of the sponsors :-

Below is the door gift that we got, and it consist  of the ;-

From Server Freak

From The Butterfly Project Happy teatime green tea cleansing foam from UTUBE HOUSE.
Super Love it!

Again from The Butterfly Project Malaysia, Junior classic book of our choice and i picked The Story of Doctor Dolittle by Hugh Lofting. Story about Doctor Dolittle has a special way of treating his animal patient and he ask them what's wrong in their own language. 

Spot the cute overload DIY pink note pads *RM20 there! handmade by our mamasan, Tammy.

However, overall it was a great experience
 It's a great experience over all

Outfit Of The Day

Bawal scaft from Desa murni Terengganu
Vintage Top from ig online shop
Green neon Skirt from Fashionvalet
Rose Handbag from Sacha
Wedges from Vincci

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