Yes! I am..

Assalamualaikum & Hola everyone!
How the day treating you? I'm doing pretty okay I guess. Goshhh I miss you guys so much!!
Super duper sorry for the lack updates from 6 month ago. I've been such a bad blogger! Yes I have to admit! I have not been blogging for quite a while now.
But...if you follow me in Instagraam (@aidazura_sadzi), you might've know that haha... I do regularly update about my life there all the while being social as much as I can cause hey, Instagram is da bomb right? It's easy, and who doesn't love picture? ...
Or maybe I just couldn't find the time to sit on my work desk and blog. My bad T_T
Can you imagine I have not turn my laptop for almost since I got married and can you imagine how busy my married life T_T hahaha....
I felt so guilty you know? But life just got a bit too hectic and I am certainly running out of fingers to do everything all at once.

I miss you guys though.

As a quick update, I promise you guys I'll find the time to blog and  back writing here :D stay with my blog for the next update from me ^_^

 Life just doesn't feel right without it, y'know? :)


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