9 Bulan 10 Hari

Assalam Lovelies and Salam Ramadan all  ^-^

Updates are quite frequent this week, eh? Ngeeeee  ^-^
It's the 10 days of Ramadhan today. Alhamdullillah so far so good. ^_^ means kurang 10 hari dari 30 hari untuk ganti puasa lepas ramadhan nanti. Yeayyyy!!! How time flies, doesn't it? I hope this Ramadhan has bought you and your family a lot closer than ever before, cause yeah, this's what everybody would want, right?  ^_^

I can't believe i'm already in 38weeks and 6 days of pregnancy today. Time flies so fast huh? Gosh, which means I only have another 1 weeks before I'm due. Yes! 1 weeks! or lesser if baby decides want to come out early than the EDD: 5/7/2015. Kalau nak diikutkan kiraan mak mertua mengikut kiraan dalam Islam. Estimate due date dah overdue since 5 hari lepas. Gosh, Seramnya tapi so far belum ada sign of labour pun.  ;(  jomlah kita continue playing the "waiting game" ~lalalala.....

37 weeks of pregnancy. Yes! swollen is OHSEM.

20 weeks of pregnancy.
First official baby bump photo! Yes, not-so-obvious pregnant belly. More obvious from this side and front view dia macam shy-shy cat! Masa ni kalau nak naik public transport memang mimpi ngeri, penat & sakit hati sebab semua orang tak nak bagi duduk :(

Throwback 29 weeks.
Total gained 13KG. Where have you hiding yourself all this time, little baby? Masa ni barulah I can start telling people around me that I'm pregnant rather than just being chubby and buncit. So that why style ambik gambar sampai ke sudah maintain macam gitu jer. Ngeeee...

Throwback 32 weeks.
Gained 16KG so far. Baby bump ballooning like nobody's business and I'm loving it!

Another typical pegang perut pose Ngeeeee.... Officially full term and baby is 2.8KG the size of a watermelon. Total weight gain 18KG

In the spirit of this fasting month, I’ve been very very very busy preparing for the arrival of our first baby almaklumlah tak pernah ada pengalaman sebelum ni. I’m about to enter 39th week of my pregnancy, which means I can “pop” anytime now… which also means there’s no time to waste as I’ve got lots of things in my to-do list! fuh!!! penattttttttt.....

Laundry Day ^_^

The past few days were spent doing laundry, cleaning the room, shop for the remaining things that I haven’t been able to get, packing stuff for me and stuff for the baby (we’re going to stay at my parents’ house pretty soon so you can imagine how super busy I am nak kemas-kemas semua). I’m still not done yet tho. Hopefully everything will be settled by the end of this week. And hopefully the baby will come out at least next week!

A piece of advice for first-time mommies out there; if you can prepare anything at all for the baby (even baby shopping), just do it. Don’t wait at the very last minute because it’s kinda challenging to do things when you’re as big as a whale – even shopping. Jalan 1 jam dah penat macam lari marathon satu daerah.

Hospital Bag are packed.

Anyway, I don't know when I'll be in Labour, so before I get wheeled into the room, I'd like to take this opportunity to ask for forgiveness from all of you if I've ever said the wrong thing or hurt you in any way. Halalkan makan minum, yang terlebih or terkurang dimana-mana. 

I hope you'll keep me, my husband and my baby in your prayers and wish us well in this new chapter the 3 of us. Amin. ^_^

Can't believe this journey between me and this belly is coming to end in just few weeks. Feeling grateful to have this wonderful experience and I love being pregnant. I thank Godd everyday for making this pregnancy an easy one. Allamdullilah....

Happy fasting and may Allah bless us all, insyAllah.

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XES Signature Launch 2015 - The Tales of Olympus

Assalamualaikum WBT and hello fashionista!

Aaaannndd I'm back! Sorry for the super late update on my blog. How are you? I'm doing good ^-^  well... no, not just good but actually i am so excited and in the great mood. I just can't contain my excitement in sharing with you all what I have for my upcoming Raya! Why it's the most loved NEW COLLECTION by XES! They have just released their Signature The Tales of Olympus 2015 Collection in breathtaking colors and design!


XES brand prides it self for developing perfect and affordable footwear for every family use. XES was founded under Shellys Marketing Sdn Bhd in 2012 and XES has more than 80 outlets branched out across shopping and retail complexes. These are collections of ladies, men and children's shoes that widely appeals to the masses for its style, comfort and value for money factor.

Lucky for me, I was invited to be include among fashion bloggers and media to attend this private launch by XES at Quill City Mall and also to be the first few to own one their Signature The Tales of Olympus 2015 Collection. yeayyy.. I was looking for my soon-to-be Eid handbag, so I think I might have just found the one! ^_^

Ooohhh the name sounds majestic, doesn’t it? That’s cause the newly Signature The Tales of Olympus 2015 Collection from XES is actually to die for! And I specifically love this all 12 The Tales of Olympus as you can see from my images below.

Combining a knee of classical with a renewed fascination for the great roman times, this season's top colour and design trends in footwear reflect the spirit of the classic and the artistic, with Greence-inspired hues like dyed black and deep red taking center of stage. Now let's take a closer look at each bag and shoes!

Tales Of Victory -The combination of effort diligence and faith is the recipe for victory. VICTORY is for those who reap rewards of such success.


Tales of Destiny - DESTINY is for those who follow  the starts and believe that something good awaits at the end of the rainbow

Tales of Heart - HEART is for those who embrace beauty from within.

Tales of Beauty - BEAUTY is for those who speak the kindest words that will move everyone they meet.

Tales of Glory - As a fighter your face challenges everyday.with poise and confidence. GLORY represents your glamour and grace shone from inside and out.

Tales of Enchantment - ENCHANTMENT represents the charm you excude that reason find magical

Tales of Love - True LOVE moves mountains love is for those who believe that pure love is the reason for a meaningful life.

Tales of Believe - BELIEVE is for those who never fail to have faith in the power of hope

Tales of Colours - COLOURS is for those who find fun in even the smallest thing.

Tales of Life - LIFE is for those who live life with intention to realize their dreams.

Tales of Courage - Courage is tailored for the bravest souls and you gain the highest respect from people around you.

Tales of Music - Music is for those who sing the language of soul.

The bags and shoes are overall fun and chic all at once. I just love the additional classic and rich Grecian element feature available on each bag.  The Tales of Olympus is what I call--perfection. Gahhhh I want them all!! I'm sure you want one for yourself too because they have various of different and awesome styles of shoes and handbags and that I'm sure any woman would love to carry! :) right? Hurry grab this Tales of Olympus from XES Signature Collection and Jom Celebrate Hari Raya with your new bags and shoes from XES.

Celebrating XES 13th Anniversary.

Launching XES mascot, Welcome to the XES family!

Game competition.

XES Family. btw thank you XES for having me and congratulation on your new XES's Tales Of Olympus Collection.

Your truly, syafiqah and yana from http://www.withlovekisses.com/

Group photo! And some of my blogger buddies! It was nice meeting you all :DD

Like seriously, Girl! why only look good with a new outfit when you can pert it up with new bag and also new bags? Browse through their Website or visit their outlet to find the best Raya deals and enjoy an incredible discount. Spread the word out and enjoy shopping for raya season with XES.

Yes!! I was all swollen up. I looked a like a hot air balloon..haha sampai hidung pun swollen macam smuft, well...Can you guess which one I brought home? *krik krik

Well, lucky for us woman, XES understands their costumers's need and has a wide range of range of brands coming in for Raya. Woman can scroll thought their web site and pick out the ones which catch their interest.

For more information and the latest updates about this initiative, Kindly visit
XES Shoes Official webpage at http://www.xesshoes.com.my/ or you may also become a fan at XS Shoes Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/xesshoes  to get the latest updates and information.

Can't wait for Raya already! Be patient Aida, Ramadhan is just around the corner! :D Don't forget to wake up for sahoor tomorrow! :D I'm sure I'll be seeing lotsa sahoor images on Instagram! :p

Happy Shopping!

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Hello Friday!

Aloha girrrrrls! 
A very good Friday morning, lovelies! Yes! It's Friday, which means the weekend is here!

I know this is a bit too early for me to update a blog post, but time is golden right now, and I will use every minute of it WISELY haha.. tapi sebenarnya sebab suami dah keluar pergi kerja. Ngehehehe... So what will you be doing this weekend? Me? Oh nothing, maybe I'll just staying at home and spent time dengan suami, kemas rumah dan petang boleh prepare food iftar sama-sama dengan suami :) honestly, I felt lazy to keluar dating macam dulu. Back pain and pelvic pain for most of the time and it's hard for me to move around. Probably my body is preparing for labour right?

Ok! Enough about me! Ngehehe.... 
Alhamdullilah It's Ramadhan is here, yeayyyyy. ohh my! time flies so fast and it's already Ramadhan 2015. So how's day two of Ramadhan so far? It feels great, doesn't it? :D Sorry there was no formal Ramadan wishes from me on my blog this year but I'm sure most of you are now already excited to face the fasting month of Ramadhan, right? Well I am here too! It's such a blessing for us all to be able to live and experience Ramadhan again this year. I hope that this year's Ramadhan will help bring us closer to the Al-mighty, and at the same time, become better Muslimahs than we ever were before :) InsyAllah.

Today is a special day in my calendar. So special that I wanna share with you all this lovely saying I found which honestly I adore and look up to :)

Looking forward for weekend ^_^
 Happy fasting and I'm sure I'll be seeing lotsa iftar images on Instagram! :p

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