Hello Friday!

Aloha girrrrrls! 
A very good Friday morning, lovelies! Yes! It's Friday, which means the weekend is here!

I know this is a bit too early for me to update a blog post, but time is golden right now, and I will use every minute of it WISELY haha.. tapi sebenarnya sebab suami dah keluar pergi kerja. Ngehehehe... So what will you be doing this weekend? Me? Oh nothing, maybe I'll just staying at home and spent time dengan suami, kemas rumah dan petang boleh prepare food iftar sama-sama dengan suami :) honestly, I felt lazy to keluar dating macam dulu. Back pain and pelvic pain for most of the time and it's hard for me to move around. Probably my body is preparing for labour right?

Ok! Enough about me! Ngehehe.... 
Alhamdullilah It's Ramadhan is here, yeayyyyy. ohh my! time flies so fast and it's already Ramadhan 2015. So how's day two of Ramadhan so far? It feels great, doesn't it? :D Sorry there was no formal Ramadan wishes from me on my blog this year but I'm sure most of you are now already excited to face the fasting month of Ramadhan, right? Well I am here too! It's such a blessing for us all to be able to live and experience Ramadhan again this year. I hope that this year's Ramadhan will help bring us closer to the Al-mighty, and at the same time, become better Muslimahs than we ever were before :) InsyAllah.

Today is a special day in my calendar. So special that I wanna share with you all this lovely saying I found which honestly I adore and look up to :)

Looking forward for weekend ^_^
 Happy fasting and I'm sure I'll be seeing lotsa iftar images on Instagram! :p

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